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We work with professional laser tattoo removal operators other regions all over the world. Check out who we recommend for laser tattoo removal in your area.

Just in case you can’t come to deINK tattoo removal for laser tattoo removal we can recommend some other great laser operators and laser tattoo removal trainers in other areas (and the world) that you can feel confident going to.

All of these laser tattoo removal operators belong to our professional laser operator Facebook group and are dedicated to learning new techniques to both improve the outcomes for laser tattoo removal but also to provide safer laser tattoo removal.

Laser Training Organisations

Firstly, training is everything. if you plan to become a professional laser tattoo removal operator, and if you are in the UK then Mike Murphy is your man.

Mike Murphy is physicist with over 35 years’ experience in the medical/aesthetic laser/IPL industry. He began his career as a clinical researcher and worked in the group which developed the scar-free removal of tattoos with the Q-switched ruby laser in the 1980s. He continued his research in the pulsed dye laser treatment of port wine stains while also developing computer models to investigate the physical processes. Since that time, he has trained many people across the world both in-person and via Zoom. He is a Laser Protection Adviser in the UK and continues to research new protocols and techniques with various lasers and IPLs. He recently published a book discussing the fundamentals of lasers, IPLs and their applications in the skin. In 2022 he launched his popular MasterClass events to great acclaim – he is currently planning to offer these classes across the world soon. Find out more about Mike at Or you can follow Mike’s blog. You will be blown away at the incrediable content on this site

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