How Much $

We are trying to make your laser tattoo removal treatments affordable, so you will find our prices very reasonable.

Please consider when you are shopping around for cheap laser tattoo removal pricing the investment the laser operator has made in training and equipment. Professional training is not cheap and you want someone who knows all the health and safety issues. If your tattoo removal operator has not been trained by a licensed laser trainer then you should not use them… or if you do, the treatment should be $1!!!

Initial consultation is $120 and will take up to an hour. We have lots to go over so that you are sure that you understand all the issues. There is also a form to fill in that will take at least 15 minutes. If you have had some tattoo removal already then you will probably know some of what I need to talk to you about so that could shorten the appointment and as a result the cost but your first appointment is never going to be cheaper than $100.

Included in the consultation will be either a test on the area or a full treatment, depending on your tattoo. If you decide not to go ahead with the treatment then I may not charge you but I reserve the right to decide if there will be a charge on the day.

The cost for follow up treatments is anything from $50 to $450 depending on the size of your tattoo. Small tattoos, under 10cm are $50, over that we need to discuss and I will give you a quote at the initial consultation.

I do not do tattoo removal treatments more frequently than every 8 weeks. This is for health and safety reasons (which I will explain) and this approach will also save you pain and money.

I dont currently have eftpos so you will need to contact me for my bank account details or pay cash on the day.

You are welcome to send me a photo of your tattoo via email so I can give you an estimate before you come and see me.