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The team of one at deINK is Helena. Helena is a very experienced business person who has at various times in her life has: owned a software development company, a Small Business Consulting company, a skin care manufacturing business (still does) a number of beauty salons, Hypnotherapy business (still does) and now the most exciting business she has every owned… deINK Tattoo Removal.

Helena has been offering laser tattoo removal for 10+ years after doing her initial training at the Fleming Laser Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Helena is deeply involved in all things to do with laser tattoo removal, including running a private Facebook group for laser tattoo removal professionals with members from all over the world and also publishing an annual eMag for tattoo removal business owners.

“I am passionate about helping people removed those ‘tattoo errors‘ to help people achieve their full potential in life. Sounds a bit cliche, but it really is true. It is a amazing how, depending on people’s situation, tattoos can have a huge negative impact on their lives. No matter what the tattoo or your reasons for wanting it removed, I will deal with you as an individual and with compassion. I will either laugh with you or cry with you, depending on what you need, although I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine.

I recently added laser hair removal to my offering after purchasing a state of the art Diode laser. My private office offers a safe space for both men and women needing effective hair removal.

I also loves dogs… this is a relatively new passion, which seemed to have just evolved when Fred moved in with me! As a first time dog owner it has not been all beer and skittles but after 5 years, Fred and I have made adjustments and now we are a well run team… Fred indicates what he wants/needs and I deliver.

I am also reluctantly admitting to an addiction… NETFLIX. I have been known to hang out for entire weekends watching Orange is the New Black or similar, only leaving the couch to take Fred for a pee.

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