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 laser Tattoo removal is complicated and even the most seasoned laser operators find that they are learning new stuff about laser tattoo removal.

Every time a client comes in for laser tattoo removal a laser operator has to judge how they are going to tackle  the tattoo. There are 14+ different criteria that are going to influence your tattoo removal outcomes.

The first thing you are going to need to consider is the laser. Is it a QSwitched Yag laser? QSwitched Yag lasers are the industry standard for laser tattoo removal and have been for many years. Obviously there are some improvements in the technology over these years although not as many as you would imagine. Modern machines have more power and sustainability (allows them to work all day without overheating etc) deINK has an older medical grade QSwitched laser and we still deliver the same rate of removal as modern medical machines and certainly a lot better results than most Chinese machines on the market. (having said that, we have a Chinese portable QSwitched machine that we use to go to prisons and tattoo studios and it is awesome!)

Another consideration is the colour of the ink, black and red inks are the easiest colors to remove with a QSwitched laser. If you have light blues and greens then you may have trouble getting these off. There are picosecond machines on the market, although there is huge debate between laser tattoo removal operators as to whether they actually remove light colored inks. Even if they are successful (and there is a court case going on in the USA by some disgruntled laser owners) the cost of the lasers (and therefore the cost of the treatments) makes it difficult to justify the price of the machines for the minimal amount of benefit received.

The theory is that a picosecond pulse will result in a more contained heating of the ink. As a result, while the amount of energy absorbed maybe the same for a picosecond and a QSwitched nanosecond laser, there is less conducted heat delivered with a pico pulse resulting in higher temperatures to the ink and less going into the skin. To remove ink, (while not damaging the surrounding tissue) the higher the temperature the greater the removal of the ink. What is the difference between Qswitched and Pico?

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand and because of the small potential client base, there are not too many pico machines in the country so you may find it difficult to get rid of your light green and blue ink, but sometimes, just the destruction of the surrounding black ink can be enough to cause some of the lighter colors to also be absorbed.

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