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Will White Ink Come out With Laser Tattoo Removal?

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White ink has become very trendy with lots of tattooist adding white ink to their designs. Unfortunately White ink is somewhat problematic if the customer ever decides they want their tattoo removed for whatever reason.

When using lasers to remove tattoos, the laser beam is directed at the tattoo ink and the tattoo removal laser is then absorbed by the ink. From this laser absorption, the ink is blasted into tiny particles which are in turn absorbed by the body over time (a minimum of 8 weeks).

White ink on the other hand reflects the tattoo removal laser light so the laser beam can not possibly do its work and explode the ink molecules. As a result there is no affect of the laser beam on the white ink, except that sometimes applying the tattoo removal laser to white ink can actually turn the ink black. This may seem like a good thing but unfortunately it isn’t. This reaction with the ink makes it impossible to treat.

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