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Using Micro Needling To Increase Laser Tattoo Removal Efficiency

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Most laser tattoo removal professional operators are fairly intelligent types (of course there are definitely exceptions), they are constantly looking to improve the outcomes for their tattoo removal clients. Incorporating micro needling treatments (also known as dermal pen treatments), with laser treatments seems to be one experiment which is paying off. Laser tattoo removal operators are using micro needling to increase laser tattoo removal efficiency.

Laser tattoo removal can be very frustrating at times. Clients have often had their tattoos for 20+ years but the day they decide they want it gone is the day they want it gone! Unfortunately, laser tattoo does not work like that. Laser takes time. The body absorbing the ink takes time. It is no reflection on the laser operator, that numerous treatments maybe required to remove your tattoo. In fact, trying to speed up the process can actually make things a lot worse. Fortunately incorporating micro needling with the laser can actually resolve a couple of issues. As well as using micro needling to increase laser tattoo removal efficiency as well, it also deals with any scar tissue caused either by the tattooist or by the laser operator.

Those of you with tattoos will recognize what a dermal pen is immediately. It is basically a tattoo gun but with 12-36 needles. (the needle head is single use). The action is the same as a tattoo gun. It makes lots of micro-holes in the skin, but without the ink. Dermal pens and dermal rollers have been used in the beauty industry for more than 15 years. They are used to treat acne scars and also to stimulate the production of collagen and elastic. Now they are also used in the laser tattoo removal industry and all reports are the results great.
They do it very effectively.


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