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No One Enjoys Pain

We live our lives avoiding pain, it is part of the human condition. Avoid pain and embrace pleasure. Unfortunately, sometimes pain is unavoidable. Getting a tattoo is one of those painful experiences that you go through in order to get the pleasure of a beautiful tattoo. Sadly, if your tattoo is not beautiful, then you may have to undergo pain again during laser tattoo removal. If you thought that getting a tattoo was painful, then you are not going to enjoy getting it lasered off.  Luckily for those of us with low pain thresholds there is an effective way to manage the pain…hypnotherapy.

The great news is that you can control your subconscious by introduce you into a hypnotic state. I will use suggestions to convince your body that the area being worked on is completely numb. As a result, you will only feel mild sensations. Under hypnosis your body can naturally manage and regulate pain amazingly making your laser tattoo removal treatment a relaxing process.

There is Research

Interestingly, research shows that when someone makes an appointment to see a doctor, their pain levels automatically drop by about a third. This demonstrates that your body can naturally reduce the pain more effectively than prescribed pain killers. Your subconscious brain has the ability to manage and reduce the pain that you are feeling no matter the circumstances. No research, but it is highly likely that the exact opposite happens when you book your appointment for laser tattoo removal.

 Hypnotherapy is Useful for Large Tattoos

Putting someone into a hypnotic state can take time so this tool is better used with larger laser tattoo removal treatments. Obviously, it is up to you, the client. If you are completely averse to experiencing extreme pain even for the very short period of time that it takes to remove a small tattoo with a laser, it might be worth it to invest in hypnotherapy before your treatment. The cheapest alternative would be to prepare ahead of time by finding a hypnotherapy track on relieving pain online, (YouTube is a good place to start), and listen to it a few times before your treatment (so you can understand the process). I will then hypnotize you on the day before undergoing your laser tattoo removal treatment. 

If you plan to use self-hypnotherapy without the aid of a trained hypnotherapist then make sure you ‘practice’ beforehand. This is not because something can go wrong. You will always go into a trance even if it is light, and you definitely wont stay lost in hypnosis forever (can’t happen ever). It is because the more often you undergo hypnosis, including self-hypnosis, the deeper and easier you go into a hypnotic trance. This forward practice will also leave you feeling more confident on treatment day. With this practice your subconscious brain will happily comply, and you will be in a deep relaxed state within minutes. You will be relaxed and calm, not stressed and in pain. Remember, you will also be able to participate during the treatment, moving when asked and being aware of all that is going on around you.

Very few laser tattoo removal businesses offer hypnotherapy. Generally, because hypnotherapy is a whole set of new skills that they may not have. As well, not everyone understands that value of hypnotherapy. Some people think of it as just woo-woo and fake. Nothing could be further from the truth. People are regularly hypnotized pre-surgery instead of using anesthesia. . Hypnotherapy can not only manage your pain but also help you manage your life.

So, if you are holding off having laser tattoo removal because you are nervous about the pain, then come and see me and/or get online and find a self-hypnotherapy track that appeals to you and start listening every day till you know confidently that the laser tattoo removal treatment you are having isn’t going to hurt one little bit. Checkout our hypnotherapy website


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