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If Someone Offers To Remove Your Tattoo With IPL – RUN

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If Someone Offers to Remove Your Tattoo with IPL  – RUN.

Seriously if anyone is suggesting using IPL for tattoo removal then they obviously have NO idea what they are doing and you need to get out of there fast!

IPL (intense pulse light) devices are not designed to remove tattoos. If the person you are talking to about removing your tattoo does not know that, then you should be very worried and immediately go to a professional laser technician using a QSwitched Yag or Ruby laser.

“IPL should never been used for tattoo removal. Using this modality can lead to scarring, ink retention and dyspigmentation. The gold standard and widely recognized means by which to remove a tattoo is via Q-switched laser technology. An attempt to remove a tattoo with an IPL device is the sign of an uneducated health care provider and is a major source of liability.”

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