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Can Laser Tattoo Removal Make You Sick?

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Laser tattoo removal can make you sick if one very important health and safety guideline is missed.

Laser tattoo removal looks easy but there are lots of things to consider that most laser operators don’t know or worse, ignore.

One of the most important considerations is the amount of ink released into the body with a laser tattoo removal treatment. The laser process breaks up the ink molecules into smaller particles so that the body can absorb them. The micro particles are distributed to the liver, kidneys and lymph nodes.

Too much ink being released in one treatment can lead to feelings of nausea or you could even collapse or go into shock. While this scenario is unlikely, it is not worth the risk, so insist that your laser treatment is done over a couple of sessions a few weeks apart if your tattoo is large. If your laser tattoo removal operator is not prepared to do this, then find another professional laser tattoo removal operator that will.

The general rule of thumb is to treat areas no larger than the size of a beer coaster. Obviously if we are looking at a large tattoo that is only outline then it is fine to treat that.

For the following 48 hours, drink lots of water and make sure your tattoo is protected from the sun and that you keep the area clean.


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