Sponsor Someone’s Tattoo Removal Journey

Having a horrible tattoo, particularly in a very visible place can be devastating. You can help!

The young are easily influenced. They can make some very serious mistakes in life. These mistakes can be either falling into crime, getting distracted and not finishing school and getting tattoos (probably both!)

Many people do not understand the possible long-term consequences of having visible tattoos; classified as ink on hands, face or neck.  For whatever reason, later on in life, these tattoos have the potential to stop someone from getting work, and generally stop them from truly participating in society. No matter how common tattoos are at this time a lot of people, particularly employers, still look at them and judge particularly if they are obviously done in prison or are amateur tattoos. Regardless of how that persons life has changed for the better, their ink can still hold them back.

deINK laser tattoo removal already provides very low cost tattoo removal, but we are a business and we do have overheads, so we can not afford to provide free  or very cheap treatments for everyone who has a need. Unfortunately there are thousands of people who desperately need their visible tattoos removed. Most of them really can not afford to pay for laser treatments, no matter how cheap they are. Every day we are approached by good people that just need a break. Having those much regretted tattoos removed can change someones life significantly, but even $55 per treatment is out of their price range. This is where you come in. We are looking for community minded people, and organsations to help us make a difference for these people. And believe us, it really does make a difference. For just $550, your donation will fund 8 laser tattoo removal treatments.

We are sure you have lots of questions so go to our Sponsorship Q&A page to find out more. Then go to our product page and make your donation. Or if a $550 program is too much you can sponsor a single treatment for $55