What Stops You from Getting Laser Tattoo Removal?

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    It is amazing how many people come into my office for laser tattoo removal that have had their tattoos for many many years and have often not liked them for much of that time.

    The irony is that many of those people, having made the decision to have laser tattoo removal, now want them off immediately! They are very disappointed that they will have to wait for 2 months between treatments and also that it might take 10+ treatments to finally remove them.

    Everyone of course has their reasons for wanting their tattoo removed but I am interested, assuming you have a tattoo that you want removed, what is stopping you from getting your tattoo lasered off?

    1. Fear of scarring
    2. Fear of the pain
    3. Fear of the price
    4. Worried about how your tattoo will look during the process
    5. Worried about how long it is going to take to remove your ink

    Anything else?




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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