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Finding a Great Laser Operator

Finding a great laser operator is not as easy as you think.

Needless to say, we think we are pretty good. We have done Laser Safety Training (twice) and we are very focused on doing a great job without inflicting any injuries on our clients.

While we are not doctors, we do believe in the ‘Do no harm’ as a mantra.

Laser Health and Safety is not just about the actual treatments. Yes, you do have to be careful that you dont take someone’s eye out with the laser or burn them or generally inflict mayhem. Laser in the hands of an idiot is a truly danger weapon. Laser Health and Safety also includes room setup. No windows that are not covered, no mirrors or even pictures with glass in them. If a laser beam strikes one of these the laser rays can ricochet up to a kilometer down the road… So much can go wrong and that is to some innocent bystander!

Does the treatment room door lock? Imagine what could happen if someone inadvertently walked into the room not realizing that there was a laser tattoo removal treatment going on? Just the flash from the laser on someone not wearing laser eye protection would be enough to have them seeing stars for quite a while. Worse, imagine if the operator got a fright and looking up with the laser gun in their hand accidentally discharged the laser in the direction of that persons eyes!

I once heard of a laser tattoo removal operator telling a client’s friend that the could wear their sunglasses as the operator did not have a spare pair of suitable laser eye protection glasses! Having the right eye protection and insisting on wearing the glasses at all times is ground zero for safe laser treatments. There are a number of different types of lasers and they operate at different light frequencies. IPL machines require different eye protection than Yag QSwitched Lasers. Unless your laser tattoo removal operator has been properly trained they may not realise this. If you are wearing the wrong type of eye protection then you are at risk of losing your sight. And sunglasses are NOT suitable eye protection!

When you are having laser tattoo removal treatments leave your glasses on at all times until the operator has either turned off the laser completely and they have indicated to you that it is safe (the laser is on standby) and you maybe required to look at the results of the treatment so far.  Put your glasses straight back on, do not wait to be told. Your laser operator has a lot of things to think about during a treatment and they may not realise that you dont have your glasses on. The same rules go for anyone else who is in the room. If you have a friend with you and they are not offered proper eye protection then I suggest you get up and go home immediately. Your laser operator is an untrained idiot!

Paper work is a pain. No doubt about it, but if you are not asked to fill in extensive and detailed health and safety forms, then you are being treated by someone who doesn’t really care or possibly doesn’t know what they are doing. Health and safety forms do three things… one provide information to the laser operator in case there is a medical issue, two, make you aware of the possible issues in the case of a medical condition and thirdly, provides an audit trail for both the laser operator and possibly yourself should something go wrong. Heath and safety forms take the guess work out of providing and having laser treatments.

  • Tell us, have you ever had a laser treatment where there has been an unsafe environment?
  • Have you ever had laser and not been asked to fill out a form or in the case of a follow up treatment had a verbal consultation to ensure that nothing has changed?
  • If yes did you think at the time that any of these scenarios could be an issue and reflect the standard of your treatments?
  • Can you see what is wrong with this tattoo removal office setup? (its a real office)

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