Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal

How Many Treatments?

The problem with this question that there is no straightforward answer. Some laser operators will tell you that 4 treatments might do it but then after four laser treatments the tattoo maybe faded but it is still there. Did your laser operator lie? Yes probably. The ink may well fade after 4 treatments but unfortunately […]

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Pain Free Laser Tattoo Removal

Sensitive priced laser tattoo removal using high powered lasers to ensure fast and efficient laser tattoo removal

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tattoo ink

Is Your Tattoo Ink Going to Make You Sick?

Tattooing is probably as old as humanity itself. Cavemen rubbing carbon from the fire into their wounds… obviously speculation but some time in our ancient past our fore-bearers discovered that if they rubbed carbon or sap into wounds the color would stay, and they could create designs in their skin. Ancient man did not live […]

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Medlite IV

Hoya ConBio Medlite IV Laser machine.

We have just purchased a Hoya ConBio Medlite IV Laser machine. This QSwitched Yag laser will significantly shorten the time it will take to remove your tattoos. fast tattoo removal

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tattoo removal scars

Which is Better, a Scar or a Tattoo?

Some people chose to have a scar when having laser tattoo removal so that the tattoo comes off quicker. Would you choose a scar over a tattoo and have your laser operator turn up the laser?

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tattoo removal breasts

Do Breast Implants Pose A Risk To A Successful Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Do Breast Implants Pose A Risk To A Successful Tattoo Removal Treatment? With this question of yours regarding breast implants the main point is the depth of the laser penetration. Will it affect the implant. First we have to think what is the penetration depth into the skin of the laser used and this is […]

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laser tattoo removal

How Long Should You Wait Between Treatments

We are living in the age of instant gratification, but unfortunately there are some things that still cannot, and should not be rushed and tattoo removal is one of them. Lots of new clients want their tattoo removed and now! Once they have made the decision to find a tattoo removal professional and they are […]

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tattoo removal with IPL

If Someone Offers to Remove Your Tattoo with IPL – RUN

If Someone Offers to Remove Your Tattoo with IPL  – RUN. Seriously if anyone is suggesting using IPL for tattoo removal then they obviously have NO idea what they are doing and you need to get out of there fast! IPL (intense pulse light) devices are not designed to remove tattoos. If the person you […]

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smoking and tattoo removal

The Smoking Gun Of Tattoo Removal

If you smoke then it will take much longer to remove your tattoo with lasers. We all know that smoking is bad for you but did you know that smoking is the smoking gun of tattoo removal?

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