All About Laser Tattoo Removal

We are constantly surprised about what urban myths pop up about tattoo removal.

Obviously since tattoos have recently become main stream with more than 50% of the population having at least one tattoo, the incidence of tattoo removal has also increased. After all, not all tattooists are equal! So here are a few myths that we would like to explore so that you can be fully informed

Laser tattoo removal involves burning the tattoo off the skin. Fortunately this has not been the case since QSwitched lasers became common. Modern lasers photothermically explode the tattoo pigment into particles small enough for the body’s immune system to absorb them. The absorption of the ink can take 8+ weeks which is why all tattoo removal professionals dont do treatments closer than 8 weeks apart.

Fading creams can also remove tattoos. There are many types of ‘laser alternatives’ on the web. Most of them either dont work at all or they have the potential to leave the customer very badly scarred.  There are countless documented cases of acids being injected into tattoo sites causing significant infections and scars. At the time of writing this article Lasers are the only effective way to remove tattoos.

It is impossible to remove coloured ink from tattoos.  The manufacture of tattoo ink is not well regulated and can have all sorts of additives which muddy the waters when it comes to successful tattoo removal. Black ink in tattoos tends to respond better to laser removal than some other colors, although even black ink can be difficult to remove if the ink contains . Coloured inks as teal blue, yellow, pink, or white are impossible to remove with most Yag lasers. Fortunately green and blue, can more easily be removed with a Ruby or Alexandrite lasers, although there are no guarantees.