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Do Breast Implants Pose A Risk To A Successful Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Do Breast Implants Pose A Risk To A Successful Tattoo Removal Treatment?

With this question of yours regarding breast implants the main point is the depth of the laser penetration. Will it affect the implant.

First we have to think what is the penetration depth into the skin of the laser used and this is related directly to the absorption by the main components of skin. The reason it really depends on the laser used is because different types of tattoo removal lasers have different absorption levels with the main components of the skin.

For example, I know of eight different types of aesthetic laser that all have different depths due to absorption levels. The most common types of tattoo laser depths such as Ruby/Alexandrite 694/755nm, Frequency doubled ND yag 532nm, ND Yag 1064nm all have absorption levels that differ widely. This is because of the way they are absorbed in to the skins components and therefore all have very different penetration depths.

To take this a little further and give a specific example, the Q switched ND YAG laser, probably the most common laser for tattoo removal is poorly absorbed by the major components of skin and therefore has the deepest penetration into the skin at almost seven millimeters and as such in the circumstance of treating tattoo over breast implants is to be deemed dangerous and this is unacceptable to treat the area with breast implants.

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